Carlos Santana’s Shocking Apology for Controversial Comments

Carlos Santana Apologizes for Hurtful Comments About Transgender People

Carlos Santana is saying sorry after causing upset with some strange things he said during a concert. Videos from a recent show in Atlantic City, N.J. show him talking about transgender people. He said, “When God made you and me, before we were born, you already knew who you are. But sometimes, when you grow up, you start thinking you could be something different. But a woman is a woman and a man is a man. If you want to keep things private, that’s okay. I’m fine with that.”

People online got upset about what he said in the video. Santana put out a statement on Facebook to say sorry for his “insensitive comments.” He wrote that he wants to respect everyone’s ideas and beliefs and that he didn’t mean to hurt anyone. He said sorry to the transgender community.

He also wrote, “I want to respect everyone’s ideas and beliefs, whether they’re LGBTQ or not. We all have the freedom to choose what we believe in.” He wants people to be happy and true to themselves without fear.

Santana ended his statement by saying it’s brave to be yourself and to be kind to others. He said we should all shine with love and positivity. He hopes everyone lives a wonderful life.

This happened while there are many laws being talked about in the U.S. that might hurt LGBTQ people, especially transgender young people.

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