Miley Cyrus Reveals Shocking Truth About Controversial Letter

Miley Cyrus’ Music Journey: A Look Back at Her Past

In a special music show on ABC, Miley Cyrus talked about a letter she got from Sinéad O’Connor a long time ago. This show, called “Endless Summer Vacation: Continued (Backyard Sessions),” had Miley performing and talking about her life. She chatted about her early years and her music career.

They talked about her famous song “Wrecking Ball” from 2013. It was a big change from her younger image on the Disney channel. At that time, she also did a performance at an award show that some people thought was too sexy.

Miley once said her “Wrecking Ball” video was inspired by a video from O’Connor. This made O’Connor write a letter to Miley. The letter was put on O’Connor’s website and then in a newspaper called The Guardian.

Miley shared, “I thought people might disagree with my new image and music, but I didn’t expect women who went through similar things to criticize me.”

O’Connor’s letter was meant to be caring, but some of her words surprised people. She talked about Miley showing her body and said it seemed like Miley was okay with being treated badly.

At first, Miley didn’t like the letter. But over 10 years, she learned more about O’Connor and realized she had struggles with her mental health.

“When I got the letter, I didn’t know how hard things were for her. I was only 20 then, and I didn’t understand mental health well. I just saw another woman telling me that my ideas weren’t really mine. It felt like powerful people made me believe in things that weren’t truly mine,” Miley said.

O’Connor passed away in July this year at 56. Her death’s cause wasn’t given.

Miley felt the letter came at a tough time when she was changing a lot. “I had been judged for my choices for a long time, so when I finally started making my own decisions, having that taken away hurt,” she shared. She also praised O’Connor sincerely.

The show then played Miley’s song “Wonder Woman” from her latest album, dedicated to O’Connor.

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