Big News: Norway Donates Fighter Jets to Ukraine

Norway to Give Fighter Jets to Ukraine in Support

Norway, which is part of a group called NATO, is going to give fighter jets to Ukraine. Ukraine is having a tough fight against Russia, and they need help. The Prime Minister of Norway, Jonas Gahr Store, is visiting Ukraine while this news is spreading.

People in Norway said that they will give F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, but it’s not confirmed officially. This is not the first time European countries are helping Ukraine. Countries like the Netherlands and Denmark already gave them similar planes.

Ukraine has been asking for these special planes for a while. They need them to fight better. Recently, they started a big fight against Russia, but they didn’t have planes to protect their soldiers from Russian attacks. Norway wants to help because they care about Ukraine. In February, they said they will give $7 billion to Ukraine over five years. Some of this money will be for the military and some for helping people.

Norway will also give Ukraine missiles to protect their skies. They said it’s important for Ukraine to have these to stay safe from Russian planes.

Norway has been thinking about giving fighter jets to Ukraine for some time. They got new F-35 jets for themselves. These new jets will replace their old F-16 planes.

Other countries like the Netherlands and Denmark also said they will give planes to Ukraine. Denmark will give 19 planes, but we don’t know how many the Netherlands will give.

Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, went to some European countries to talk about this, but he didn’t visit Norway.

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