Shocking Revelation: What’s Going on with Governor Ron DeSantis?

Was Ron DeSantis too quiet during the GOP debate? Florida Governor Ron DeSantis didn’t face much criticism in the Republican debate on Wednesday night. But for a politician aiming to stand out, that’s not exactly positive news.

During the night, Governor DeSantis was only targeted twice, once by Nikki Haley and once by Vivek Ramaswamy. In contrast, Ramaswamy faced 11 criticisms from his opponents.

You could argue that a calm evening is what a popular figure like Governor DeSantis would prefer. However, his popularity has dropped. Over the past six months, the Florida Governor’s support has declined as Donald Trump’s backing has grown.

Nowadays, DeSantis is struggling to maintain his reputation as a top contender.

Things Aren’t All Bad for Ron DeSantis
Despite being at the center of the stage, Governor DeSantis took a back seat while Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, and Chris Christie directed their criticisms at Ramaswamy. This approach allowed DeSantis to have a mistake-free night. His policies seemed sensible when compared to Ramaswamy’s denial of climate change, for instance.

DeSantis’ campaign manager, James Uthmeier, mentioned, “While other candidates were busy attacking each other, Gov. DeSantis stayed focused on the American people and their future. He has a clear vision to improve our economy, secure the border, support parents, back law enforcement, and stand against the liberal elite and the D.C. establishment.”

DeSantis’ own actions aren’t likely to discourage his supporters. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and Rep. Chip Roy continue to have confidence in his campaign. Stitt even attributed DeSantis’ lack of attention to Ramaswamy’s confrontational approach.

Except for Mike Pence, DeSantis was the most recognizable candidate prior to the Milwaukee debate. So, maybe he felt less pressure to introduce himself to potential voters compared to his opponents.

However, in a race for the nomination against Donald Trump, making noise is crucial, not just observing from the sidelines.

It Could Have Been Better
Half a year ago, Governor DeSantis was only a few points behind former President Trump among Republicans. On the other hand, Vivek Ramaswamy was relatively unknown.

Now, in August 2023, DeSantis’ campaign has taken a step back. Without Trump’s presence, DeSantis failed to present a strong case for why he should be the party’s nominee in 2024. It’s not that he seemed like a weak candidate, but more that he didn’t appear as a candidate at all.

Back when DeSantis was gaining ground in the polls, little attention was paid to his competitors other than “Donald Trump.” Today, he’s leading a group of eight contenders who are all vying for voters’ support to challenge the Republican frontrunner.

In simple terms, if Wednesday’s debate is an indicator of each candidate’s performance, Ron DeSantis is in damage control mode. And that’s definitely not a positive sign.
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