Best New Shows on Hulu in November 2023

Hulu's November 2023 TV lineup promises a variety of thrilling shows. Whether you're into drama or documentaries, there's something for everyone.

"Black Cake" (Three-Episode Series Premiere) - A dramatic mystery series about the unsolved disappearance of a bride. Premiering on November 1.

"To Catch a Smuggler" (Complete Season 6) - National Geographic's docuseries returns for Season 6 on November 6, exploring the daily lives of DHS employees.

"Drive with Swizz Beatz" (Complete Docuseries) - Join Grammy-winning musician Swizz Beatz on a journey to discover vintage cars and their rich cultures, starting on November 16.

"Fargo" (Two-Episode Season 5 Premiere) - The dark comedy anthology series returns with a new story in the American Midwest on November 22 (FX premiere on November 21).

"Faraway Downs" (Complete Limited Series) - Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman star in a World War II-era miniseries, starting on November 26.

"The Artful Dodger" (Complete Season 1) - A unique spin-off from Charles Dickens's Oliver Twist, following the complex character, premieres on November 29.

"Wild Crime" (Complete Season 3) - Explore crimes in National Parks in the third season of this true-crime series, available on November 30.

Get ready for a thrilling November with Hulu's diverse selection of shows, from mysteries to historical dramas. Don't miss out!