Which Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely to Be Affected by the Blood Moon’s Bad Luck?

The upcoming full moon, known as the Hunting or Blood Moon, is set to grace the night sky on October 28. Spiritualify has some advice for those wondering about potential challenges during this period, which could affect three particular zodiac signs.


For Aries individuals, this full moon may bring about strong temptations, even the thought of a secret affair. However, giving in to such desires won’t lead to positive outcomes. It’s crucial to exercise self-control and avoid dishonest actions. Imagine how hurtful it would be if someone you care about betrayed your trust – the same applies to you. Playing with fire could result in painful consequences, so avoid offending those who rely on your honesty.


Taurus, on the other hand, should be cautious not to become too engrossed in their own daydreams. It’s easy to lose touch with reality, so maintaining a clear and rational perspective is essential. If you’re feeling lonely, the temptation to embark on a new romantic journey might become overwhelming during the full moon. However, it’s best not to rush into anything without careful consideration to prevent potential heartache and disappointment.


Sagittarius, be aware that taking risks and relying on luck might not be in your favor during this period. Loneliness might make you eager to do whatever it takes to escape it, but such sacrifices may be futile. Pay close attention to what people say and watch for hidden agendas behind flattering words. Not everyone who showers you with compliments has your best interests at heart. Avoid falling into traps by analyzing every word and not placing blind trust in everyone who appears kind.

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