Why Do We Keep Attracting the Same Zodiac Signs in Love?

You know how sometimes things seem to happen over and over again? Like when Mercury goes retrograde, and you always end up with problems like parking tickets or fights with your best friend at the same time each year? Well, it’s a bit like that in astrology. While astrology can’t control your life, it can give you hints about why certain things keep happening.

Ever notice that you often become friends with people born in the same month as you or keep dating the same zodiac signs? It’s not because you have some strange love for them; it’s because of your astrology chart.

So, why does this happen? Well, it’s because of something called your “seventh house.” You can find it by looking at the sign opposite to your “rising sign.” For example, if your rising sign is Cancer, the opposite sign is Capricorn, and that’s the sign in your seventh house. This sign can attract you to people who are Capricorns, whether it’s their sun, moon, or rising sign.

But here’s the interesting part: the sign in your seventh house usually represents qualities that balance your own energy. That’s why you’re drawn to them repeatedly. In astrology, opposites often attract because they help each other grow and create a harmonious balance.

You might have seen this in famous couples like Zack Bia, who’s a Gemini sun with a Pisces seventh house. He’s been linked to Olivia Rodrigo and Madison Beer, both Pisces. This is a common indicator of romantic interest in astrology. Zack’s analytical Gemini personality enjoys the creative and idealistic qualities of Pisces partners.

Sometimes, you might even date people with the same sun or moon sign as you. Take Jennifer Lopez, for instance, who’s married to Ben Affleck, a Leo sun with a Scorpio moon, just like her. She was also with another Leo sun, Alex Rodriguez. When your luminaries (sun and moon signs) match, it can create a strong instant connection because you both express yourselves in similar ways.

In the end, repeatedly being attracted to the same zodiac signs isn’t necessarily good or bad. It’s all about your birth chart, which holds clues in your sun, moon, rising, or seventh house. It shows that you tend to be drawn to those who reflect your own qualities, whether they’re positive or not. It’s all part of the cosmic puzzle of astrology!

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